I have a rock who is radiant. She is so stunning that she needs no paint, sparkle or glitter. She wakes up every morning and looks like a beautiful princess rock with no lip gloss, hair extensions, fake nails or padded bras. She is sweet and salty, sassy and savvy, smart and driven. Some say rocks this pretty only show beauty on the outside, but not this time. Saint Augustine said, “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” This rock is a young, old beautiful soul. This rock thinks she can grow wings and fly. Everyday she wakes up, puts on her wings and tries to take flight. But each day, she finds herself back in the rock garden, where she belongs. Because as you know, a rock can’t fly.




I have a baby rock. She is solid, grounded, cool and dependable. She is the most beautiful china doll baby rock you will ever know, and I’m not just saying that because she is my baby rock. Everyone else says it too. She is the Baileys in my morning coffee. She is my partner, in creativity and ingenuity, everyday. I share more laughs and crude humor in a 30 something hour work week with this rock than I deserve, but no one else really knows that (well, except for you). Baby rock is stoic because, as she told me once, she was born without emotions. But I know better. This rock truly never waivers, stresses, weakens or bails. She is my reliable, loyal rock, and she is my baby rock. And I am her MOMMY ROCK. Someday soon, she will have little baby rocks, and they will be my little grandbaby rocks.



baby pet rocks




I have a rock who likes to wear hats. She is an athlete, soccer mom, uncompensated maid, sexy wife, hedge trimmer, businesswoman, tennis mom, seamstress…the list goes on and on. The interesting thing about this rock is that she ROCKS all of her hats. You would think she would be exhausted wearing so many hats, but no. My rock sends me the first text in the morning everyday and my last text at night…when she thinks I may be lonely. She is my pizza and wine after a Tuesday night of Soccer. She is the show up early to my party and last one to leave, because she won’t let me handle the cooking & dishes on my own. If you pick this rock out of my garden and look on the bottom, it says ON because this rock has no OFF button. She goes full tilt 24/7 as we all try to keep up. I have raised hell in restaurants and bars in 5 countries and more than 25 cities with this rock. I have taken an oath not to disclose situations involving this rock. I hope everyone has a rock like this one, because she is the shizat.




I have a wise bling bling rock. She was the first rock in my garden. My rock is a DIVA; lover of all things that shine, with the knowledge of YODA. This rock is powerful, insightful, discerning and fashionable. I go to my Diva rock for all things great and small. She is my counsel on topics from Relationships to Parenting to Reality TV to Spanx. She is fabulous and fantastic, and so much more. She is comfort. She is home. She is love and loyalty. She is the always answers my phone call. She overstimulates and spoils baby rocks. I know it’s not fair to pick a favorite, but because this is my story…I get to make the rules. This one is my pet rock.




I have been blessed to have a gorgeous garden of loyal, fun and loving rocks. I can’t name them all in this story. But I truly love all of my rocks, boys and girls. I try to water my rocks every day, but I know I could do better. Because a rock garden without nourishment and care is just a rock garden. Carl Perkins once said, “If it weren’t for the rocks in it’s bed, the stream would have no song.”