Find Your Happy Place

In the therapy business, we all work with people every day. We are all parts of teams who must pull together to accomplish one common goal of “Making a Difference in the Lives we Touch.” We are fortunate to work in an industry where we see the daily progress of those around us and that can be extremely rewarding. Along with that though, requires perseverance and patience. When I first met Dan 18 years ago, I recognized quickly that he was a very patient man. He not only was building a business brick-by-brick, but he was also parenting three young children. Each day, Dan came into the office or walked into a facility, with a smile on his face. Patience and a positive attitude are qualities that I admire above almost all others. You can instantly change the feeling of a room when you walk in with an optimistic outlook and genuine smile on your face. I once asked Dan, “How can you always be so happy?” His answer, “I’m in my happy place. This is Dan-Land and its happy here all the time!” While this made me laugh hysterically, I took away an important lesson, find your own happy place. Once you’ve found it, follow these simple steps:
1) Don’t let others interfere with or limit your joy (Say No to Debbie Downers).
2) You must be very patient among chaos and revert to your happy place as often as needed.
3) When you feel overwhelmed with the demands of others, go to your happy place and smile until people start to go away.
4) Find joy in knowing that you are loved and someone out there is less fortunate than you.
5) Your happy place is a tranquil place where no negativity may enter (Think No Whining Zone).
6) Check your goals to ensure that you are pursuing objectives that bring happiness for you.
7) Put down your electronics and read a book, watch the sunset, or kiss a fat baby.
My happy place is a sunny beach with a cool breeze rolling in off the ocean, a great novel and a frozen drink with an umbrella. What’s your happy place?


6 thoughts on “Find Your Happy Place

  1. Tonia says:

    Beautifully written!!! My happy place are my beautiful, loud, wonderful family under one roof!!! You need to start writing your blog again!! I loved your blogs, I just read the one again about Erica’s bad word!! I remember that so well! I could not stop laughing!

  2. Amy Moody says:

    Wow!! How cool! You’re a blogger!! How many hats do you wear?? I’m trying to balance TWO!

    I needed this one. How did you know? Thanks!

    Sent from my iPhone


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